British Learning Academy is a spin off of Brockhurst and Marlston Houses, a prep school with over a hundred years of history. The instant success of the British Learning Academy’s summer courses persuaded the management to source a new venue that allowed them to extend the season from six weeks to six months. It also permitted them to extend their curriculum to provide a range of language and project-based courses.


The independent school of Earnley Concourse also has an 80 year history in education as a prep school and is ideally constructed to host students who expect high standards. For example, our rooms are fully furnished with en-suite accommodation.

Since 2011 the company has grown fast, widening its range of courses and including innovative business-oriented programmes for corporate clients such as Telecom and Fiat. BLA hosts on average 1200 students per season.

At BLA we are committed to providing the best quality for every student who studies with us.

What’s different about BLA?

BLA Education provides project-based English for Specific Purposes courses in the UK for students of all ages and backgrounds.

BLA’s courses create a fun, stimulating and collaborative study environment. Interactive programmes are designed so that students can develop and practise the language and skills required to communicate effectively in a range of international business contexts, preparing students for work in industry and for a global career path.


Our Courses

The interactive approach of our courses allows students to learn English in a fun and proactive way. The learning extends beyond the classroom, with a variety of dedicated projects, excursions and field trips, encouraging students to perfect their language skills through practical assignments.

BLA’s mission is to maximise students’ potential thereby overcome barriers to their job prospects, for a career without borders. BLA has partners in a diversity of business sectors that range from engineering to banking.