Sponsoring Companies


BLA works very closely with a number of UK businesses. Some of these companies use the BLA’s facilities as their research and development centre, utilising the Labs to test and refine their products. Some other companies use BlA’s facilities to train their staff.

BLA’s exchange agreement with these companies allows up to 15 students to be placed in Work Experience programmes for periods of 3-4 weeks.

Students are exposed to real working environments and are expected to contribute actively in the tasks given.


Each student will have a member of staff assigned for guidance and training. All the companies are checked for their compliance with statutory health and safety procedures at work.

These are some of the companies currently working with BLA: Smile Machine, Excellent Communications, CCR Engineering, Startup Weekends, PG E-Strategies, Rhino Green Energies, Monroe Technologies Ltd., Augusta Westland helicopters.