What’s different about British Learning Academy?

Our students from the Media Studies course were asked to shoot a video that could show to their peers (the target of the video) why they should choose to study at BLA. After some time spent in the classroom trying to decide whom to interview, what kind of questions to ask, what to show in the video – the swimming pool? the beautiful parkland? Or may be it is better to focus on the innovative teaching method and the fun afternoon activities? – students rolled up their sleeves and started the shooting.

A fun break after hours of brainstorming…


The shooting was mainly carried out inside the campus and our filmmakers decided to interview the Director of studies Lynn Wade and one of the co-founders of British Learning Academy, Paola Genovese. They also interviewed students attending other courses at BLA (Job Orientation and Hotel Management) asking them what makes this school different form the others they had previously been to.

….. Here they are, arranging the set for the first interview! 


The final video was a great success! Watch it here and judge for yourself ;)