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Erasmus+ at The British Learning Academy

A new adventure for the British Learning Academy!

BLA in collaboration with the British Council and Erasmus+ has had the pleasure to host participants from all over Europe who have been involved in training courses on Creativity and Social Inclusion.

The first three sessions have been a great success and have seen students performing, dancing, acting, while building a great team spirit.

Parties and night out together have helped students socialising and by the end of each session they were so enthusiastic about the project and so happy with their newly formed friends that they didn’t want to go!


Some pictures and videos to document these great moments together.

Thanks again guys and girls for being such great participants and for giving us scope to continue on this new adventure.




Mix & Match package – London & Chichester

To celebrate the new year 2016, we at BLA & ICE have had an explosive idea!

We have decided to offer students the possibility of experiencing both the international buzz of central London and the beauty and tradition of country life in Chichester. gc&pg copy

In a nutshell…You can Mix and Match your stay!! Choose the number of weeks, academic programme and the activities you want in each destination and transfer seamlessly from one location to the other. Get your suitcase ready and enjoy both London and the English countryside, for an unforgettable experience!

We are waiting for you!



The Roman Invasion of Britain

It was 43 A.D. when the Roman army formed by 4 legions and led by Emperor Claudius conquered the Southern half of Britain and made it part of the Roman Empire.

Believe it or not last summer there was another Big Invasion of England – this time though the Roman soldiers were slightly younger and less ferocious!

Stiraft copyll divided in four legions they had a main goal to reach; CONQUER THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE!

Competing against each other from Day 1, the four legions faced several challenges and took part in different activities; from re-enacting the Roman invasion at sea to running a Marathon dressed in a Toga!


Loads of sweat and… fun for our young Romans!


What’s different about British Learning Academy?

Our students from the Media Studies course were asked to shoot a video that could show to their peers (the target of the video) why they should choose to study at BLA. After some time spent in the classroom trying to decide whom to interview, what kind of questions to ask, what to show in the video – the swimming pool? the beautiful parkland? Or may be it is better to focus on the innovative teaching method and the fun afternoon activities? – students rolled up their sleeves and started the shooting.

A fun break after hours of brainstorming…


The shooting was mainly carried out inside the campus and our filmmakers decided to interview the Director of studies Lynn Wade and one of the co-founders of British Learning Academy, Paola Genovese. They also interviewed students attending other courses at BLA (Job Orientation and Hotel Management) asking them what makes this school different form the others they had previously been to.

….. Here they are, arranging the set for the first interview! 


The final video was a great success! Watch it here and judge for yourself ;)


Parkour @ BLA!! Watch this amazing video

One of our students is a talented parkour practitioner. For those who are new to this sport we are talking about free running, climbing walls, jumping from a roof to another and doing all sorts of acrobatics.

Parkour-Luxembourg4 copy

Our traceur is the main protagonist of this amazing video shot at our campus in Earnley! Get some pop-corn and enjoy the show …and please DO NOT repeat this at home ;)!

Hotel & Catering Course

The students from our hotel & catering course were asked to carry out an event at the Earnley Concourse. They worked in groups to choose the menu, arrange live music, prepare great food, get the venue ready for the guests.20140710_115310

They moved some tables outside in the garden, used crepe paper to make the tablecloths and flowers to add a touch of colour.


The menu can be read on the board. Students also chose a theme for the event and asked their guests to dress as flowers.

DSC_4458 copy

The event was awesome and the level of satisfaction is visible on the smiley faces of some of the lucky ones who managed to get invited to this exclusive party! Well done guys!






‘Happy’ Video project

The students from our Media Studies course shot this beautiful video during their two week course at our campus in Chichester.

They interviewed people asking them to describe in one word ‘what makes them happy’.


Here they are at work! In our beautiful garden choosing the right light and practising for the best shot.


On the beach at the Witterings trying to convince some guys to dance the Happy song and share their secret for happiness!

Watch the final video here!

Save the bugs, save the planet!

Ever wondered how important bugs are for the planet? Most of us consider them freaks of nature’s or a mere nuisance…In reality they are absolutely essential for us as without them world’s ecosystems would collapse!

BLA’s students of the Young Entrepreneur Programme are going to raise funds for a charity to help protect bugs and let them proliferate. The students will produce and sell t-shirts with the final aim to devolve the money to bug life and help our little friends! Help the bugs save the planet!


Job Orientation – The new season is about to start!

career choicesBuild your confidence with the English language and explore new career paths with our Job Orientation course. By the end of the two weeks you will have:

- built your personal brand

- developed your leadership skills

- created a career plan

- learnt how to confidently introduce yourself to impress your audience

Courses start on 16th of June. Your Job Orientation colleagues are waiting for you!

Drop us an email to receive the detailed outline of the course.