The Young Entrepreneurs Programme, the count down has started!

challengeOnly a month to go before the launch of our new course, the Young Entrepreneurs Programme. From mid June for two weeks, students will take part in a competition that will see 8 teams challenge each other.

Whoever sells more t-shirts both on-line and at the market will win.

Students will be provided with all the tools and assistance they need to design, produce, promote and sell t-shirts. At the end of week one there will be a Fashion show during which each team will choose THE T-SHIRT that will represent them. At the end of week two the results will be announced and the winning team will be awarded a special prize.

Roll up your sleeves then and get ready to work hard play hard!

New PON/POR C1 & C5 Projects for Italian schools

slide4-960x440The new European funded projects for Campania, Sicily, Puglia & Calabria have been approved and schools are now working on their applications to access the funding.

BLA has collaborated with several schools (Cassandro from Puglia, Basile from Sicily , Mattei from Puglia, Pertini from Calabria) in the past and looks forward to welcoming new students this year.

Some of our offers for this year:


- 3 weeks in Chichester (accommodation in campus)

- 2 weeks in Chichester (accommodation in campus) and one in London (accommodation in residence)


- 3 to 8 weeks Chichester only or Chichester/London

You can read this article for more information on the topic.






10 Best pieces of advice to learn English!

lavagna1. Conversation

When learning a new language motivation plays an essential role. Motivation can come from the necessity of expressing yourself when in a different country or from the pleasure of engaging in a conversation with somebody in a language different from your native one.

2. Learn the 100 most common words

If you make a point of learning at least 100 words you’ll be surprised by how many conversations you will be able not only to follow but also to engage in. Studies have shown that the most common 100 words in any language account for 50% of all spoken communication. The most common 1,000 words account for 80% of all spoken communication. The most common 3,000 words account for 99% of communication.

3. Use a language course to start with grammar and basics

Attending a language course could give you the extra motivation you are lacking to start making progress with a language. It is very useful to join a course if you are at a beginner level because it will help you move to the next level more quickly.

4. Find a way to make it fun!

Try and be creative when learning a new language. Get your friends involved, make it relevant to your life and interests.

5. Watch movies in English and then discuss about them with friends

Watching movies it’s always good when learning a new language as it helps improve your listening skills. To add a little touch to it you could start a debate with your friends analysing the plot of the movie, talking about the scenes you liked the most and why you liked them.

6. Write stories with words you’re trying to memorise

This task could actually go hand in hand with the previous one as while debating about a movie you could try and write down all the words you don’t understand or would like to remember and use them to make up a story. This is a great way to memorise new words and practise your creative writing skills!

7. Intensity of studying

When learning a new language intensity of study is better than frequency. Try and dedicate 3/4 hours in a row couple of times per week as opposed to one hour per day daily. Repetition is crucial to memorise words and the structure of sentences and your brain needs time to absorb new information.

8. Date somebody who speaks the language you want to learn or find a language buddy!

Rumour has it that the best way to learn a language is to date somebody who speaks it! It just gives you the extra motivation you need to become fluent and… let’s be honest, people who love you are more likely to be patient with you and tolerate your mistakes! Jokes aside, try and meet people whom you can practise the language with. Check whether there are Meet up groups for foreigners in your area, join a club attended by English speakers, find any possible way to meet foreigners and engage in conversation with them!

9. Repetition is the Key!

We already mention it…but hey this is all about repetition, right?! The more you practise and repeat words, sentences and the like the more fluent you will become!

10. Never give up!

Stick to your goal and you’ll see that you’ll get there. Quitting is not an option!

Erasmus+ to help you study & work in Europe!


Good news! The new septennial plan for youth mobility, Erasmus+ 2014/2020, has been approved by the European Commission and will allow 4 million students to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad.

What’s new? Fast facts:

- Student loan guarantee

- Joint Master degrees

- Mobility for higher education for EU and non- EU beneficiaries

- Volunteering and youth exchanges

Here is the link to the detailed programme: enjoy!

Happy 2014!


Happy New Year from BLA!!! It’s going to be a 2014 full of new projects, fun activities and loads of language practise!!


BLA @ the Study World fair – Hilton Metropole

Hi BLA followers!

BLA has been busy working for you these days. We’re trying to reach as many of you out there as possible to let you know about our new amazing courses for 2013/2014.

Check out our new programmes or if you’re around Edgware Road in London come to the Study World fair and stop by our table for more information. We’re in Hall 1, Table E13.studyworld

See you soon!




Pagani Zonda & BLA students

Our students could not believe their eyes when they saw the second most expensive car in the world parked in the garden of the campus, in front of Earnley Place!


BLA had the pleasure to host the racing car Zonda after her attendance to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Some representatives of the Pagani Zonda’s team spent a few days in our campus and met our students, allowing them to admire the stunning car, touch it and take pictures with it!

Enjoy some of them!paganizonda

What an incredible car….!


ElyHi guys, exciting news!!
BLA has teamed up with Eli Coory, a former BLA member of staff who is about to embark on a solo six weeks motorbike adventure across Europe.
He’s just left our headquarters in London and is now on his way toward France, then crossing Italy and travelling through Eastern Europe and the Middle East with the aim of ending his journey in Beirut.
It’s all for a good cause as he’s helping raise funds for cancer research and with the kind sponsoring of BLA of course :)
His journeys will be filmed and we’ll provide constant feedback with videos and pictures of his adventures.
Here is where you come in: as the route is not set, you’ll have control over his itinerary!! How? By commenting and suggesting places of interests, cities, festivals etc… for him to visit.
At the end, all the videos will be collated for a documentary which will air on TV later this year, so you will be effectively contributing to this amazing project!
So first up is Paris, do you have any place to suggest for our easy rider?
We all wish him a fantastic and safe journey ;)

EU funding available for Italian students…

eucircleDespite the grey day British Learning Academy has got bright news for you…whoever is interested in attending a course with us in the UK should check wether there are EU funds available. Ideally you should contact the national agency to find out more information. The Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) is the one that includes all types of projects involving youth mobility. Start looking for funds to come to the UK for free! Check our Fan page to keep up-to-date with all news on the topic!