Adult Courses


The Business English courses are designed for experienced business people like you

‘People buy from People they know and like’ If you can’t speak with them, they can’t know you. We can fix that. Our approach is laser focussed on 7 key business conversations.

At the core of our teaching of Business English lies the building of confidence – through repeated public conversations and group practice.

You want to do business in International Markets by establishing personal relationships with English speakers.  We give you two ways to reach that level of confident English conversation:

For Beginners: 7 day bootcamps. We offer 3  x 7 day courses – attend one, or all three over 6-9 months.

For Basic speakers: 10 day Intensive. 10 day course for those who learnt English at School for 4-5 years but lack the practice or confidence to hold business conversations.

Package details:

  • Minimum Age: 25 +
  • Hours per week: Up to 40 hours per week of English lesson, Mon- Fri
  • Class size: Max 10
  • Accommodation: residential, en-suite, full board
  • Tutors/student ratio: 1 to 5 average
  • Course length: 7 to 10 days
  • Location: West Sussex
  • Course fee: from 800 GBP per week
  • Transfer: Airport/Earnley
  • Free Wi-fi