Make Great Presentations in Business English


This course is for you if your business English is good, but you want to be the best presenter you can be!

Would you like to make great presentations, using great business English, that will impress your peers and clients, and lead to greater opportunity for yourself?

We work with you to incorporate the best words, gestures and presentation aids that will impress an English speaking business audience…practice delivering a boardroom style presentation,  a webinar, and a theatre style presentation to a large audience. Enjoy learning about performance tips that will mark you out as special. Have fun learning with like-minded and ambitious entrepreneurs, executives and fast-tracked employees.

Who should attend?

•People who can already hold a business conversation in English, but want to hit the next career level by giving Great Presentations to groups of 5+ in a boardroom setting

•Those who want to prepare and deliver an outstanding presentation, using Business English, to a large audience (100+ Theatre style)

•Those who need to demonstrate a high level of Business English competence during web presentations

At the end of 3 days you will:

  • Confidently give a 20 minute presentation that:

–Achieves your communication objective

–Makes you look and sound like a strong English Language communicator
–Uses a style that will be well received in the English Business World
  • Handle questions or objections during and after the presentation
  • Know the right language to use to ‘close’