English Bootcamps for Entrepreneurs


Three Bootcamps – join one or do all three!

These courses are perfect if you speak very little English, or no English at all! You can choose to do one 7 day course with us, or all three over a 6-9 month period.

You are a successful business person – so we won’t be teaching you how to conduct your business,  but we will give you the English language skills to establish rapport, and start conversations with new customers.

You will probably still need a translator and a local agent – for the details – but you will now be in the driving seat and not a passenger. When you leave us, you will build upon what you learnt by practicing with real customers, but we will be delighted to get you started…


Bootcamp 1: First Impressions Count

Designed to give confidence in basic business English when meeting new people. At the end of 7 days you will be able to…

Present, in English, a 3-5 minute overview of yourself, your company, your products and why people should do business with your company.


Bootcamp 2: Building New Opportunities

At the end of 7 days you will be able to…

  • Conduct a fact finding conversation to understand customer issues and needs
  • Present a 10 minute overview of the features, benefits, and value of your products or services. How to buy those, and how to move to the next steps
  • Negotiate a simple quote/statement of work and payment terms with a client that ensures you get paid and the client is happy
  • Present a 10 minute overview of a proposed deal to a business advisor

Bootcamp 3: Building Profitable Relationships in New Markets

For this course you will give us a real business relationship and we will meet your goals for the ‘end of 7 days’ – covering these topics: Hiring and Managing Great People and Partners/ Excellent Customer Service/ Managing Money and Keeping Deals Sweet/ Creating Lasting Relationships.

Each course is very practical, combining 6 hours of interactive class activity with 2 hours of supervised study each day. The participants are encouraged to take part in “business dinners” where they’ll have the chance to network with other entrepreneurs, potential business partners and investors.

Our tutors are carefully selected to provide the highest professional expertise in the field, having covered managerial and entrepreneurial positions in the past, they can provide advice and guidance on business matters and etiquette in the Business English world.

Business Support:

We can also provide:

A Step by step tutorial on opening a company in the Uk and filling in tax returns.

Consultancy on business structure and business development.