Young Entrepreneurs Programme


327 students enrolled

The aim of the YEP course is to educate and inspire young students to be entrepreneurs through mentor based programmes that foster innovation, leadership skills, creativity and self confidence. Our Vision is to empower youth to become entrepreneurs by engaging them in quality educational programmes that include instruction and mentoring designed to: discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship; develop business acumen and communication skills and instill confidence to lead in a global environment.

Young Entrepreneurs will…

–       Have fun, make friends, learn cool stuff

–       Form a company to design, sell, create a product, with 2 business coaches to help them

–       Learn new skills in morning classes, do project work or activities in the afternoons

–       Create and produce a product

–       Plan, practise and get ready for market sales

–       Put their product on sale at Chichester market setting up market stalls to attract potential customers

–       Have a budget to manage and all profits will go to a charity

–       Participate to a ceremony awards and win prizes!

–       Be part of a ‘House’ competing for the BLA House Cup

Last year our young entrepreneurs produced beautiful T-shirts and sold them at the market raising money for ‘Chestnut Tree House’, the local children hospice.


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