Coding 2day or… “How to share the digital vernacular”


This course has been thought for those people willing to be initiated to programming in only a few days. Expert tutors will introduce students to concepts of coding to allow them to interact better in the digital world.

Whether you are on the creative side and need to learn the language to communicate with software developers and IT people or you are interested in knowing what is behind the screen and want to gain some coding skills, this course is perfect for you.

The green box: Koffee People

One of Bla’s latest projects focuses on how to convert modular shipping containers into modern, live/work units by applying concepts ocontainercirclef engineering and eco- friendly design, recycling industrial products to give life to functional architectonic experiences.

The eco-box project will see students get directly involved in the modular building process, interacting with modular technology while contributing to the metamorphosis of a prefab.

Koffee People is the project of a cafe in a container. The idea behind it is to transform redundant shipping containers into a two- story stylish, eye-catching, modern yet cozy cafe where people can pop in and enjoy high quality coffee and freshly made snacks.

Students will have to work out how to fit the electrics and lighting, breakfast bar, toilet unit as well as a fully functional kitchen area including sink unit, water heater, serving counter, work surfaces, cooker fan and so on. Another container will be used for the spiral staircase leading customers to the second floor where the tables, chairs and sofas are. The exterior of the structure will be clad in vertical gardens to cover the main steel structure.