Bio-Architecture & Sustainable Design


Course Overview:

The Environmental Education module offers a unique opportunity for students to build their knowledge, skills and experience of environmental sustainability including: Renewable Energy, Climate change, Ecology, Design and Business Systems.

Course programme:

The course focuses on :

- Introduction to climate change, system design, ecology and energy as a whole.

- Concepts of designing a business plan around renewable energy creation at the Earnley Campus.

- Practical applications using solar-power including the potential build of a solar panel unit with theory provided by a contracted solar panel expert.

Students will also learn:

- Renewable energy solutions.

- The concept of starting a business and business planning.

- The difference between creating solutions and designing systems.

- Why thinking of the whole system is as important as individual solutions.

- The importance of strategy, site analysis and site planning.

Skill Objectives:

Practical skills in business model design including the fundamentals of a cost-benefit analysis. Strategic thinking required to effectively address the challenges of both conceiving and introducing new solutions building projects. The skills necessary to build business systems that deliver economic, environmental and social value.

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