Course Overview:

The aim of the course is to produce a system that controls temperature and humidity of greenhouses. The System is to be managed by a microprocessor controller that would follow specific instructions depending on the vegetation to be grown. The software in the microprocessor will monitor the temperature and humidity sensors and then activate a motor that will in turn open and close the top air vents of the greenhouses.

Course programme:

- Sensor/Transducer applications and types

- Basic concepts of Signals and their parameters

- Parameters measured in the project

- Interfacing inputs, control and outputs

- MULTISIM- Simulation and some Practical circuits

- Practical work involving mechanical outputs.

Students will also learn:

- How to work within budget.

- Produce a system with a combination of new and used parts.

- Sourcing and ordering all of the components and ensuring that everything arrives on time for assembly and testing.

- Assembling pre-used parts obtained from scrap yards in an effort to promote sustainability.

Skill Objectives:

Understanding the basic concept of Electro-mechanics and getting involved in the design and implementation of a control strategy to maintain the ideal environment inside a Green-house with a micro-controller.

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