Marketing, Business & Administration


Course Overview:

To individuate and develop profitable streams of revenue for the sponsoring company, after carrying out an in-depth study of the market in which the competition operates and individuating its strengths and weaknesses. Students are divided into sub-groups, working towards developing a detailed business plan and preparing for the final pitch to the Board of Directors.

Course Programme:

During the 4 weeks course, students will work on:

- Creating a business plan for new business opportunities

- Creating a corporate video to promote such new opportunities

- Creating a Brand and Logo for the company

- Creating a Personal Brand for each student demonstrated on LinkedIn

Students will also learn:

- The skills of brainstorming

- Goal setting and market research

- Business modelling

- Branding

- Concepts of On-line Marketing: SEO and Link Strategy Building

Skill Objectives:

To understand and apply some major marketing concepts, such as market segmentation, market research, positioning and the product life cycle.

To improve your familiarity with marketing and business knowledge, practice, and terminology.

By the end of the course, you should be able to develop a business plan, create a brand identity, present new business ideas in an effective way in front of line managers and directors.