Young Entrepreneurs Programme YEP!

The course is aimed at exploring and developing young students entrepreneurial flair getting them involved in a real business such as designing and selling customizable t-shirts.


Students design and create different logos for the t-shirts, print them and sell the final product at Chichester market on the last day of the course.

Before starting the practical part of the project students will be briefed on how to use social media to promote the product, how to design a logo and create a promotional video.

During the course they will also explore the basics of entrepreneurship and how to launch a new product on the market.

The course complements classroom work with more practical activities to stimulate youngster’s creativity and build their self-confidence while improving the level of English.

Students will work in groups and will take part in a competition.

The group creating the best product and selling more t-shirts will win a prize.

All groups will be rewarded according to the level of effort shown during the course.

At the end of the course participants will present their businesses before a commission that will challenge their ideas and give a constructive feedback.

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The course will cover:

- Branding

- The Personal Challenge

- The Entrepreneur Challenge

- Logo & Graphics

- Blogging and Social Media

- Video editing

- Final Challenge