EU Funded Projects


EU funded projects

BLA works with EU-funded programmes such as PON and POR (C1 & C5) providing students with tuition and work experience in the UK.

Courses generally last from 3 to 4 weeks and match all the requirements set by the EU. Thanks to its considerable experience with projects of this sort, BLA is able to provide guidance and support to schools willing to participate in the yearly tender, filling in and submitting forms and papers.

Being extremely flexible BLA is able to tailor teaching programmes individual to the needs of schools. At the end of each course students are awarded the Europass certificate.


logo.BCThe European Commission has recently approved the new septennial plan Erasmus+ to allow 4

million students to study, train, work and volunteer abroad. Check the news on your national agency’s website and keep up to date with all grants available for students!


BLA in collaboration with Erasmus+ & British Council has organised the following courses:

1) TCCSI = Training Courses on Creativity & Social Inclusion. Dates: 20th-28th January 2016; 4th-12th February 2016 & 1st- 9th March 2016. About the project: The project comprises 3 training sessions of 9 days each during which 28 young people from Romania, Spain, Italy, Croatia, UK, Estonia and Greece will engage with theatrical activities while socialising with European participants coming from different backgrounds, fostering social inclusion in youth activities. 


2) TOC TRAINING of Creativity. Dates: 11th -18th January 2016 @ The Lodge (Crystal Palace – London). About the project: the project will last 8 days (including travelling days). There will be 22 young people from Romania, Spain, Italy, Croatia, UK, France, Macedonia, Estonia, and Bulgaria participating. The main topics of the project are Intercultural Dialogue using Theatre and Clown: participants will gain skills and competences on how to promote Intercultural Dialogue among young people coming from different backgrounds to foster social inclusion in youth activities. The main aim of the project is to provide young participants with new skills and competences based on Social Clown and Applied Drama.