English & Sport at Brockhurst

Course Overview

This course is perfect for students who are passioned about sports.

They can practise their favourite sports while learning English, making new friends and growing in confidence and self-belief.
Students can choose from a variety of sports and activities during their stay, combining their English lessons with coaching in the following: Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Swimming in the indoor 25-meter pool, Cricket and Rugby, for an unforgettable experience!

Brockhurst regards sport as an important part of the pupils’ education. Sport’s value extends beyond the pleasure of playing and pupils learn much from taking part in teamwork, handling success and failure, and determination and perseverance.

Specialist staff are employed for sports coaching and students who are talented are encouraged to join the local clubs and attend county trials to gain wider experience and become county players.

Canteen at Brockhurst & Marlston Schools

Course Specifications

Course Objectives

  • Use a context-based, communicative approach to help students build confidence in all four key aspects of the English language: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Focus on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary
  • Develop students’ communication skills through role-plays, pair work and group discussions

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