• Private Classes

    Get fluent in speaking English with personalised, online classes with our qualified teachers.

  • Group Classes

    Practise your English in a class of maximum 5 students at your same level in one of our friendly group classes.

  • Assess your Level

    Assess your level of English by attending a free class with one of our qualified teachers.

  • Access our Digital Platform

    Once you are ready to start we’ll send you an email with the link to the platform and you’ll be able to access our digital learning platform “ilern” and start attening your bespoke one-to-one classes or group classes with other students.

Attend live English classes (small groups or one-to-one) with our experienced teachers. Our e-learning platform comprises many classes where you can practice English according to your level.

You can choose between three types of attendance;

1 – You can attend a class and listen to the lessons;

2 – You can attend a class, listen to the lessons and actively participate, interacting with other students and the teacher;

3 – You can attend and actively participate in one to one lessons with dedicated teachers.

To find out more and to claim your free lesson get in touch with us now! Send an email to info@britishlearningacademy.org or use our live chat at the bottom of the page.