Our courses make students work on projects, allowing them to explore topics in depth and develop critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving skills.

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Our staff aim to make every student feel welcomed and supported while with us, and encourage them to keep learning even after the course is over. 


Our schools are surrounded by beautiful parkland and students can enjoy their free time practising all sorts of outdoor activities.

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Our Successful British Council Inspection

We’re thrilled to share the fantastic results from our recent British Council Inspection, emphasising our commitment to student well-being, comprehensive development, and the well-organised, well-resourced nature of our leisure activities.

Acknowledging our strength in pastoral care, the inspection highlighted our tailored support for students of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances. Commendation was given for our policies promoting tolerance and respect, contributing to a culture of inclusivity.

Our comprehensive support services, including a 24-hour emergency contact, transportation guidance, life advice, and health care access, received approval, showcasing our dedication to holistic student well-being beyond academics.

Our leisure programmes have earned praise for providing students with access to diverse social, cultural, and sporting events, enhancing their overall UK experience. The tailored content of these programmes aligns with the age and interests of our students, recognised as a particular strength.

The British Council also commended the meticulous organisation of our leisure activities, emphasising our commitment to student safety during both on-site and off-site events.

These positive inspection results mirror our ongoing efforts to cultivate a secure, supportive, and enriching environment.

A heartfelt thank you to our staff for their dedication in achieving these outstanding outcomes. As we celebrate this success, our commitment stands firm in maintaining the highest standards in student care and academic excellence.

Europeans travelling to the UK

Don’t forget!

From 1st October 2021, European students will need a PASSPORT to travel to the UK.

If you’re thinking of joining one of our courses, make sure you have a valid passport before travelling. ID cards are no longer accepted. 

European students don’t need a Visa to travel to the UK, if they’re planning on staying less than 6 months. 

Bookings are now open for summer courses 2024

Courses will start on 26th June and end on 4th September 2024.

We are now accepting bookings for Chichester University Bishop Otter campus, a modern, beautiful campus 15 minutes away from Chichester city centre. 

Our English Courses will take place in the mornings and afternoons in classes of maximum 15 students. Entertainment and excursions are also part of our packages!

Bishop Otter Campus: Where Learning and Recreation Converge

In the heart of Chichester, Bishop Otter campus stands as a haven for students, seamlessly blending top-tier teaching facilities with exceptional sports amenities. The astroturf football pitches and modern gyms cater to sports enthusiasts, surrounded by lush outdoor spaces for both activity and relaxation.

Within this vibrant learning environment, students benefit from outstanding classrooms designed to foster collaboration and interactive learning.

What makes Bishop Otter unique is its self-contained nature, ensuring a secure environment where students can seamlessly transition between study and play. 

The Dome Bognor Regis Campus