English & Sport

Course Overview

Designed to satisfy those students who have a passion for sports, this course lasts one or two weeks during which students will attend a General English course, practise sports, make new friends and grow in confidence and self-belief. 

Students can choose from a variety of sports during their stay and can swap and change as they wish.

Bishop Otter Campus: Tennis, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby, Dance. 

Bognor Regis Campus: Football, Volleyball,  Rugby, Baseball. 

Guy & Jaime

Course Specifications

Course Objectives

  • Use a context-based, communicative approach to help students build confidence in all four key aspects of the English language: reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Focus on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary
  • Develop students’ communication skills through role-plays, pair work and group discussions
  • Practise sports and have fun with friends!

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