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Welfare & Safeguarding

Student Welfare at BLA

We look after children’s welfare in every way in order to promote all aspects of their safety and well-being throughout their time with us, including travel to and from the school on arrival and departure.

This duty of care applies to all members of staff and any other adults associated with the children, be they at the school, on an activity, on an excursion or travelling to or from the school. More detailed information about procedures regarding safeguarding is available upon request on our Child Safeguarding Policy. 

To ensure the welfare of our students, we;

  1. Have a ‘Staff Code of Conduct’ that explains the expected standard of behaviour from all members of staff while working at BLA;
  2. Ensure all members of staff are aware of their Safeguarding and Child Protection responsibilities;
  3. Have a ‘Student Learning Agreement’ explaining the expected standard of behaviour from all students while enrolled at BLA;
  4. Make sure all staff undergo appropriate background and safeguarding checks;
  5. Have a dedicated Safeguarding and Welfare Team;
  6. Have staff available 24 hours a day for any issue that may arise;
  7. Have a 24 hour emergency number for partner agents, parents and students;
  8. Give students a Student ID card to be worn at all times, containing the school’s contact information.

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