Course Objectives

The aim of the YEP course is to educate and inspire young students to become entrepreneurs through mentor-based programmes that foster innovation, leadership skills, creativity and self-confidence.

Our Vision is to empower youth to become entrepreneurs by engaging them in quality educational programmes that include instruction and mentoring designed to discover the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship; develop business acumen and communication skills and instil confidence to lead in a global environment. Students develop invaluable skills with a motto: “if they can sell t-shirts they can sell themselves to prospective investors, employers or universities.”

Course specification

Age range: 12 to 21 years old

Class size: Maximum of 15 students

Availability from mid-June to the first week of September

An intermediate level of English is required

Students at the market

Young Entrepreneurs will:

-Design, create and sell a product, with the help of their tutors

-Learn new skills in morning classes, get involved in project work or activities in the afternoons

-Plan, practise and get ready for market sales

-Put their product on sale at Chichester market, setting up stalls to attract potential customers

-Work with budgets, forecasting and selling techniques

-Be part of a ‘House’, competing throughout their stay for the BLA House Prize

Every year our young entrepreneurs produce beautiful T-shirts and sell them at the market raising money for ‘Chestnut Tree House’, the local children hospice.

Money donated to the local charity