General English

Course Overview

Our General English courses provide a great opportunity to study English in the UK. Students can spend two or more weeks studying and living with us in one of our centres: ChichesterBognor Regis or Newbury, improving their English while having fun and discovering life in the UK. 

How to choose the right centre? 

Newbury is the perfect centre for students aged 11 to 14 who want to experience a full immersion in a British environment. 

Chichester campus is very close to the town centre with its beautiful cathedral and Roman walls; Bognor Regis campus is the right choice for sea lovers as it’s only a few minutes away from the coast!

General English courses help students improve in all areas of the English Language: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing. 

These courses are suitable for all levels, from Beginners to Ad and students will be placed in a class with people of a similar language level as theirs. All our English lessons are interactive, modern and relevant to today’s international topics.

Our average class size is 15. Our 15 students limit may be exceeded by a maximum of 1 student during the month of July.

chichester campus

Course Specifications:

Course Objectives:

– Use a context-based, communicative approach to help students build confidence in all four key aspects of the English language: reading, writing, speaking and listening;

– Focus on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary;

– Develop students’ communication skills through role-plays, pair work and group discussions.

Exam Preparation courses available (Trinity, CambridgeIELTS)


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