General English

Course Overview

Our General English courses provide a great opportunity to study English in the UK. Students can spend two or more weeks studying and living with us in one of our centres: ChichesterBognor Regis or Newbury, improving their English while having fun and discovering life in the UK. 

General English courses help students improve in all areas of the English Language: grammar, vocabulary, speaking, listening, pronunciation, reading and writing. 

These courses are suitable for all levels and students will be placed in a class with people of a similar language level as theirs. All our courses also integrate 21st Century Skills into their curriculum.

Our average class size is 15. Our 15 students limit may be exceeded by a maximum of 1 student during the months of June and July.

Course Specifications:

Course Objectives:

– Use a context-based, communicative approach to help students build confidence in all four key aspects of the English language: reading, writing, speaking and listening;

– Focus on grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary;

– Develop students’ communication skills through role-plays, pair work and group discussions.

Exam Preparation courses available (Trinity, CambridgeIELTS)


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