English for Juniors

Course Overview

Our summer English courses have been designed for students aged 11 to 17 years old and take place at Chichester University‘s campuses (Bishop Otter and Bognor Regis).

Course duration varies from 15 to 20 hours per week. Students are assessed upon arrival so that they can be placed in the most suitable class.

All English courses include a rich schedule of sport and socio-cultural activities that run in the afternoons and evenings. 

We organise full days and half days excursions to some of the most interesting destinations in the UK.

Weekend Full Day Excursions
Spacious, modern classrooms
Outdoor & Indoor Sport Activities
Modern Canteen

Important information for Parents

BLA adheres to the strict policies outlined by the English UK in their guide for under 18s. 

We take student’s welfare very seriously and have designated safeguarding personnel always on site. 

Before Travelling

  1. Once the booking is confirmed, we will be sending an email detailing all the information about the course, the campus, the weekly programme, emergency contact numbers and some advice on what to bring.
  2. Parental Consent. Parents will have to fill in and sign the form authorising their underage children to travel abroad. 
  3. Make sure your children have all documents in order. From 1st October 2022 all students, including Europeans, will need a valid PASSPORT to enter the country. 
  4. European students can continue to use a valid EHIC issued by their home country to access healthcare. The EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) is not an alternative to travel insurance. Parents are advised to get a travel or health insurance that covers the duration of their children’s trip.
  5. Pocket Money. Our packages are all inclusive which means that students will only need money to buy presents, snacks and entries to museums/castles. 

Upon Arrival

Students will be picked up from the airport, taken to the campus and welcomed by our staff. 

Lessons. Will normally be in the morning, from 9 to 13, with two breaks. On day one, students will sit a test to assess their level of English and establish the class allocation.

Classes. We try to integrate groups wherever possible, but sometimes teachers will work with closed groups of a single nationality.

Support 24/7. Students’ welfare is our priority and they can talk to us about any problem and or challenge they’re facing. Our designated safeguarding staff is always on site. 

1. Welcome & Induction

Your First Day at School!

2. Assessment test

It's an easy test to put you in the right class!

3. Lessons

Meet the teachers and get to your classmates!

4. Cooked Lunch

You can choose from different dishes. Don't forget to eat some vegetables!

5. Fun Time with Team Leaders

Meet your team Leaders and have some fun with them!

6. Shower Time

Get some rest and get ready for more fun tonight!

7. Dinner

Meat, fish or pizza tonight?

8. More Fun with TL

Enjoy the ice breaking games tonight!

Supervision ratio. In class and during social activities (other than sports) 1:15. During Sport activities and Excursions 1:10.

Campus. Classrooms, bedrooms and canteen are all inside the campus, therefore students can move around on foot. The city centre is also at walking distance from the campus. 

Excursions. Students will be travelling by train when going to destinations like London, Brighton, Portsmouth. They will be travelling by coach when going to places like Winchester, Oxford, Cambridge. 

Why do we like traveling by train? Trains are faster than coaches because they don’t get stuck in traffic! Besides, they take students to the very heart of the city. They are comfortable and allow students to mingle with locals and live like British people do.

Course Details

Our Teaching Method

We adopt a practical, context-based, communicative approach to language learning. This simply means:

  • Basing the lessons on the learners and their lives, choosing everyday topics they can easily relate to;

  • Making sure students practise the language as much as possible by interacting with the teachers and amongst each other, learning while having fun.

Courses you can choose from:


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