Online Learning

Online learning has been around for some decades, with adults favouring its flexible timetables and affordable prices.

Because of Covid19, children worldwide have been greatly exposed to remote learning. But we keep asking ourselves, is it beneficial to them?

We all know that students learn faster when they’re engaged and stimulated – achieving that online can be quite challenging.

After months of remote teaching both at Brockhurst & Marlston House Schools, and on our new portal, we have come to the conclusion that there are some definite and quantifiable benefits from online learning.

We’re happy to share such benefits with all parents like you, who are rightly concerned about their children’s future.

The 5 main benefits of online learning

1. Individual learning patterns: with online learning, children have more freedom to work at their own pace, spending extra time on a topic if they need to, or speeding up when they’re comfortable with it.

2. Variety: online learning offers the possibility of using several resources at the same time (f.i. quizs, assessment tests, games, videos), making the learning experience more complete and engaging.

3. Personalisation: lessons are tailored to each student’s needs, level of knowledge and personal skills. Teachers can use a teaching method geared to the student’s learning style.

4. Flexible Timetables: timetables are very flexible and lessons can be moved around easily. We all know that some days a child could feel more inspired to learn than others!

5. Comfort: kids can learn from the comfort of their home, in a familiar environment where they feel protected and learn in a relaxed manner.

The importance of the right teacher 

Whether online or offline, learning can be more fun and easier for your children when they find the right teacher. That means, someone with a matching personality, capable of assessing and tuning in to your child’s preferred learning method.

One of the great advantages of our online teaching platform is the ability to choose from hundreds of fantastic Teachers, and to change and swap to one’s owns desire until the perfect match is found.