Hello from BLA!

Welcome to British Learning Academy website! Follow us to keep up to date with our innovative courses and make the most of our advice on how to learn English in a fun way. We like to share with you useful writing tips as well as exercises you can do daily to improve your English skills. […]

Online or face-to-face? Learning English today

There are benefits in either case but we strongly recommend for beginners to start with a face-to-face course. At a young age it is quite difficult to keep concentration high for a long period of time and to make sure that students start off learning English with the right foot it is advisable for them […]

How to improve your English quickly

If you are trying hard to improve your English as quickly as possible, here are some good advice for you. Watch movies, tv shows, cartoons or whatever appeals to you in English! At the beginning put the subtitles on to make it easier for you to follow dialogues and get used to the different accents […]

BLA on the news!!

Our students last summer raised funds for the Chestnut Tree Hospice for Children in Chichester by selling t-shirts at the local market. As part of the Young Entrepreneurs Programme (YEP), students spent two weeks learning about business and entrepreneurship and designing logos for the t-shirts they would then sell to real customers. Read the article […]

Why learn English?

English couldn’t be more important nowadays! Think about it: You use it when travelling worldwide It’s essential for your career– no matter what path you decide to pursue It helps you connect with people worldwide via social media You can browse Internet and find literally ANYTHING You can help tourists when they get lost! Most […]