Why is online learning good for children

Online Learning Online learning has been around for some decades, with adults favouring its flexible timetables and affordable prices. Because of Covid19, children worldwide have been greatly exposed to remote learning. But we keep asking ourselves, is it beneficial to them? We all know that students learn faster when they’re engaged and stimulated – achieving […]

Covid 19 & Summer season 2020

We have been carefully watching and monitoring the news about the Coronavirus. Our position on the Coronavirus is updated with guidance from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Public Health England (PHE).   The World Health Organisation has deemed the virus to be a public health emergency of international concern and we have recently seen governments respond by […]

Brexit – Latest News

As you probably know, the UK is going to leave the European Union at the end of January since today the EU leaders have signed the Withdrawal Agreement. What does that mean for our European students? According to the latest news, EU students can continue to enter the UK as they do now until 31 […]

The Young Entrepreneurs Programme, Watch our Promo video!

Our flagship course is now celebrating its 7th-year of success! On this occasion, we’d like to show you this video celebrating our students’ entrepreneurial skills and their great achievements! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfVTFP3YMvk Our young entrepreneurs every year participate in a course that takes them into the heart of the community. Raising funds for Chestnut Tree House children’s […]

E-learning on our new online platform, free trials available!

Attend live English classes (small groups or one-to-one) with our experienced teachers. Our e-learning platform comprises many classes where you can practice English according to your level. You can choose between three types of attendance; Type 1 – You can attend a class and listen to the lessons; Type 2 – You can attend a […]

BLA will operate from Chichester University all year round!

Great news for the coming year. British Learning Academy has found a new permanent residence, now operating from Chichester University all year round. BLA will be running Alternanza Scuola Lavoro Programmes, General English and Exam preparation courses, and project-based Programmes such as the Young Entrepreneurs and Media & Film Making. The block reserved to us is […]

Our projects – Media studies

One of the most successful courses is our English & Media Studies which sees students involved in the creation of an interactive digital media story. Students are briefed on creative requirements, expectations and timeframe for delivery. Through hands-on experience with a real project, and the guidance of their professional tutors, students gain skills in researching […]

Hello from BLA!

Welcome to British Learning Academy website! Follow us to keep up to date with our innovative courses and make the most of our advice on how to learn English in a fun way. We like to share with you useful writing tips as well as exercises you can do daily to improve your English skills. […]

Online or face-to-face? Learning English today

There are benefits in either case but we strongly recommend for beginners to start with a face-to-face course. At a young age it is quite difficult to keep concentration high for a long period of time and to make sure that students start off learning English with the right foot it is advisable for them […]

How to improve your English quickly

If you are trying hard to improve your English as quickly as possible, here are some good advice for you. Watch movies, tv shows, cartoons or whatever appeals to you in English! At the beginning put the subtitles on to make it easier for you to follow dialogues and get used to the different accents […]